Scottish Heavy Athletics 2014

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This is the first year that Scottish Heavy Athletics will be included in the Sedona Celtic Harvest Festival. Athletics are a key part of the Scottish/Celtic festival and are a tradition which dates back more than 150 years in the New World, and to the beginning of recorded history in Scotland. With the inclusion of Athletics in Sedona, Arizona  it now has 5 Athletic competitions held annually. Other games in Arizona include Phoenix, Prescott, Flagstaff, and Tucson. Scottish Athletics are competitions of strength and skill, and involve groups of men and women throwing heavy weights, stones, and poles for distance, or for height. The games can be thought of as similar to the Olympic decathlon, in which several events are contested and the winner is the individual who has scored the best in the most disciplines.

The distance events include two stone throw/put events, two weights thrown for distance, and two hammer throws. Competitors also throw a heavy weight (28 pounds for women, 42 pounds for men’s lightweight masters, and 56 pounds for open men) over a bar similar to one used in pole vaulting.

The signature event of the games is the caber toss. A caber is a wooden pole between 12 and 20 feet in length. The caber is  picked by the thrower who holds the tapered end in their hands with the pole leaning against their shoulder. After a short run the competitor will attempt to turn the caber. Scoring (unlike other events) is not dependent on the distance thrown, but on the alignment of the pole after the turn.

Other than wearing a kilt there are no requirements to complete in the games.

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